The Power Vacuum Man

If your heating and ventilation system is to function with maximum efficiency, it must be clean. Every time the system turns on, the dust and dirt in the system circulates, not just within the system itself but throughout your home.

In order to clean your heating system thoroughly the Power Vacuum Man goes over it from top to bottom. If he finds any mechanical problems showing up, he’ll recommend the services of a repairman.

When he is finished your entire home will be cleaner and safer. Most important is that your heating system will produce more heat with less fuel when its clean, with the price of fuel these days every little bit helps. Cleaning also prolongs the life of your furnace. The Power Vacuum man does that. You Need Him.

The Furnace Repair Man

He is thoroughly skilled at the business of servicing oil, gas and electric heating and air conditioning systems. He can perform all of the burner services you are likely to need, such as changing fuel nozzles and fuel filters, adjusting burner controls, testing gas pressure and regulation pilot lights. He is the man you count on to keep your heating system safe and in good condition.